The naked kitchen island

This is the “before” island. Uneven shape with round and cut corners and an overhang on one side that does not really make sense there. Since we are changing the hardwood floors anyhow I was flexible enough to change the whole island.


First I wanted to have the cooktop on the other side to just gain a better view into the open living room and backyard while cooking. The old version had the cook stare at the kitchen cabinets only.

Then I found the shape a little odd and asked the carpenter to straighten it and to move the doors for the pots and pans to the other side also. We ordered a new cooktop, we ordered a new countertop. We had lots of ideas…

One day while discussing the endless alterations with the carpenter, we decided to just take it out completely and start all over again…



Now this is my drawing for the new version. I wanted it to look totally different than the rest of the cabinets. I will probably have it painted a different color than the other cabinets using a very shiny gloss.

Thinking kitchen island, I want something really out of the box. We will see… it starts like this. My husband calls it a naked island.

…and of course it needs to say “flush” not “flash” in my little drawing…



The kitchen will also need all new

– appliances

– countertops

– backsplash

– paint on walls and cabinets

– sink and faucet

– hardware.

I picked the counters, the paint colors, sink, faucet and backsplash during my last stay.

The appliances are also ordered.

The island completion and the hardware will be on my next to-do list.


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