more things ticked off the list

We are making progress in the powder bath!

After going back and forth with thickness, height, sprout curve and more we finally settled on this faucet from Hansgrohe. Thanks for your patience with us, Carrie!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.37.51 PM

Also 3 dark wall color options were painted for display. We will most likely go for the left dark eggplant tone. The middle dark velvety grey is too dark and the right lighter purple just plain boring in our eyes. It always helps to spend $10 on sample pots of paints during the process! Our garage shelf is full of them buy now.

Sorry for this awful picture quality, but the room is so tricky and does not like it’s pictures taken…


The ceiling will be the same dark color – in may be, may be a high gloss finish? I am more and more convinced to use this space as a small trial and error area after all.
The baseboards will stay white to mirror the sink and toilet and the floors will be the new warm greyish-brown planks.


no boob lights for me – ever!


no boob lights for me - ever!

These boob shape ceiling lights seem to haunt me. I see them everywhere. I understand every builder likes to put them in the newly constructed houses, still in 2013, but do people really love them? Or just cope with them? And then save some bucks and replace them asap?

Since we removed every single light fixture in the house (except the masterbath one is allowed to stay for a little longer) the quest for new fixtures is on.

And the boob lights keep haunting me…

talking about art


talking about art

People who know me also know that I am drawn to a special kind of art. Not a certain style, not a certain artist, not for investment purposes.
The art has to talk to me and eventually has to live with me. Or I have to live with the art ;-).
Sometimes guests wonder what the …. were they thinking? There is always a story behind every piece of art that is allowed to live with us. Always a story that sometimes just our family knows about.

This neon sign is from a restaurant during a vacation and I have to admit, I do not remember where it was.

I would so hang this into the new kitchen..