secret of a remote remodel – The Angel


Remodeling a house is a tricky process. But remodeling a house in Texas and living in Germany is very tricky! Numerous trips back and forth are not only very, very exhausting but also very, very expensive. So our stays in Texas are usually full of hard work, lots of decisions and even more running around. Well, of course there is the yummie food and the great shopping, too – if time allows. And the occasional cowboy boots for sure!

But – after all- the most important thing is our Angel on site. A very dear friend who we just met in September of last year, we had coffee and instantly connected. She is now the master of the key, the voice of reason. She gives the best input and besides being a wonderful friend she is our remodeling Angel in every aspect. Having gone through many remodeling phases herself she knows everything from paint finish, to best deals for appliances to shutting off the sprinkler system.

Really, you do need to winterize pools in warm Texas?

Dear Angel, we are so grateful we have met and that we are in this adventure together. Bringing Eurostyle to Texas without going too overboard!

Leather stairs anyone??


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