white walls for art

We love to live with art and the best canvas for art display in my eyes are white walls.


Sure, I have been down the accent wall road and we do have some accent walls in our home right now. But I am willing to give them up, we will see. I am not a fan of trends, so I do not care if they are “in” or “out”. It is our home, we can do whatever we like!

If we feel like another accent wall, we will go for it.

If we do not feel like one, we will pass. That easy. Why would you care what others say about your home? Those wanna-be designers who want to dictate the rules in your house? Really?

But for this project we choose all white. We grew up with white walls and feel most at home with them.


Today in the world of pinterest and with the blogs it is easy to loose track what you really want from deep inside. It is tempting to just go with the flow, since you are exposed to the mass of pictures all around you. But I like to do what our family feels most comfortable with. And of course sometimes it is hard to tell whether you like some style because you have seen it so many times that you finally feel comfortable with it or because you really loved it from the beginning.

Everyone is collecting inspiration everywhere. Everything is inspired by something. No one is really “inventing” interior design in my eyes. It is the ability to sort your inspirations and transfer them into your own style or your clients style.

That said, I might have another accent wall in the future…

And, I will always love buddhas. Not because they are trendy, but because our collection reminds us of our travels and how we transported them back. As I mentioned before, every piece of art in our home has a very unique story to tell. And sometimes it is a story about the struggles with carry-on restrictions on the plane.


The painting is by Vladimir Prodanovich. We happened to find him on a trip to California several years ago when he used to have a studio in Laguna Beach. He now works out of Florida.


One thought on “white walls for art

  1. What should I say with my crazy colour scheme in the South of Italy? It is not really me – but it is also not our permanent home – it’s a Southern Italian home, mainly for summer – and there the colours feel right. Cannot have a modern sleek style in an over 200 year old palazzo – maybe in Milan or Rome – but not in a small village in Calabria. As you said, follow your feelings. And it just feels good to have colours around in Southern Italy. Actually all around, not just accent walls – beside our funny stribe walls, which were an experiment … 😉
    x S

    PS: I linked to your blog now, so I can find you faster!

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