chilling with my “bunny”

Looking forward to enjoying some down time with my “bunny”. Napping, reading, catching up online…HAPPY EASTER!




kitchen is next in line


The kitchen cabinets have a new coat of paint, the naked island is still naked and the appliances are ordered.

Now we can go ahead and have the countertops and backsplash installed. “We” means our Angel on site will oversee the install since we are so far away.

This is our new faucet. By Hansgrohe.


Out of all the faucets on display we both went straight to this one and loved it. Easy choice – coincidently we picked the German brand out of all the others. It must have looked familiar somehow. So renovating Euro Style is possible in Texas!

And of course we were only running around headless during our last trip and forgot to pick it up for the countertop install. So here comes our Angel again. She is wonderful. Otherwise a little mishap like this would turn into a much bigger issue when remote remodeling.

This undermount sink will come to us in white! It has already been delivered to the tileshop for fabrication of the countertops.

update: the sink had a crack. We had to re-order, re-schedule, more delays. The real facts behind remodeling. Those that you do not see in the before-after pictures.


The placement of the faucet! What a discussion. In the middle of the divider or the middle of the whole sink? Finally we settled on the version with the most alignment, ha, ha. Aligned with the cabinet doors beneath and not aligned with the sink divider. The second version would have meant that you would have had to move the faucet every time you wanted to get the water running without it hitting the divider. And that does not look aligned!

The backsplash, glass tiles. We will use white grout.


I have to admit, I do not like granite. I know, I know – everyone loves it, the more pattern and streaks the better. I am the opposite, the more busy the counters the less relaxed I will be working in the kitchen. And trust me, I spend hours and hours and more hours in there…

So – the counters have to be simple. We agreed upon Silestone in an off white color with a touch of grey. Excuse the bad quality of this pic with my phone.


Also, the counters will be thicker than average and no round corners for me. Just slightly eased, almost a 90 degree angle. Like in his picture.




Have you remodeled a kitchen recently? Did you have unexpected issues to deal with?

Easter decor

I like to decorate for the season, but mostly one or two areas. As eager as I am in the beginning as bored I get after a while and the stuff can not make it’s way fast enough down into the basement until next year.

I rather go big in scale and add one thing than a huge cluttered collection of different tiny little pieces. Or instead of just one tiny candle holder I will add a dozen to make a statement. It all depends on the price of course and I am very lucky to have access to a very reasonably priced whole sale decor store. Paradise that is!Image





Do you decorate for the season? Or are you so over it already? 

textured walls

Texture in interiors makes me happy. The more different textures the better – no big news.

Currently I dream of texturizing a whole wall in the Texan house. The wall behind the open kitchen that faces the living room.


During our travels I always inhale the interior of restaurants, hotels, even airports into my inspiration memory.

These feathered walls were on display in a Hotel in China, Commune by the Great Wall.


These fantastic wall of sliced stones I found in Ningbo, China. I love the matte grey tones in combination with the warm wicker sofa and the beige cushions.


And finally my friend Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo send me these pictures of a hotel lobby in Thailand, Khao Yai. Lucky her she got to spend the night at this fabulous house.


The tiles and the purple impact are my favorite.

What do you think about texturizing walls? Have you ever done it? Would you go for it? Please tell me.

I have to admit – I collect chairs

I guess I inherited this trait from my mother. She always likes to decorate with chairs. So when I moved into my very first apartment she was fast in joining me with the furniture shopping. We hit several antique stores to find accent pieces – that was what she taught me. Anchor the room with great antiques. We found some really nice stuff and had some really nice fun together, but this is a post about chairs. So we bought chairs and she also sent me off with a pair from her collection. I did not have a bed yet, nor a sofa – but at least 4-5 chairs. In the meantime those chairs had moved around with me 9 times and my collection is still growing.


Whenever we host a large group of people I am always glad to be able to find extra chairs in different corners of our home. They live in the bedroom, the kids rooms, the bathroom, the hallway, everywhere.


In my chair collection craze there was even a time when I thought I MUST have a Ghost Chair. It was one of these moments when you have looked at so many pictures online and you are suddenly so sure that you always wanted to have exactly this ghost chair. Well, I am glad I ordered only one. To be honest, it scratches easily, it collects dust super fast, shows fatty fingerprints – and it is not really too comfy to sit on during a longer dinner party.


Same with the white Panton Chair. I thought I would need it, but was wise enough to order just one. It looks cool, it sits in our living room now. Perfectly fine! But it is way too low for our dining table and even adults need to sit on a pillow to be able to eat in a kind of proper way. We had it sit outside for a while with our patio furniture. But after every storm it was glad in mud and leaves. There were times when I thought of getting rid of those two additions, I even felt embarrassed to have been such a trend follower. But you know what? I don’ t care! They are fine, they will fit in – a single chair always fits in.


My favorite chair of chairs so far: the Elm Horseshoe Ming Chair from China. The best story about this chair is that I found it in China on vacation and we had to find a way to bring it back to me as a “souvenir”. Rocky Road, I can tell you! But so worth it.

Update: after reading this post my husband wanted to make sure you knew that he schlepped the chair around Beijing, he found the one taxi out of over 30 that finally took us back to the hotel…. thanks, hubby!


What do you collect? Big or small? Old or new? Please do tell!

breakfast nook

A lot of houses we have seen come with the so called recipe desks in the kitchen area. I feel women being under appreciated of doing their paperwork close to the kitchen while the men can enjoy their full own room with closed doors. But that is me – please do not feel offended…

In our house this desk is once more a built in among the others that would rather take away flexibility than being helpful – for our lifestyle that is.


The first agreement I made with my husband on closing day was: this one had to go!


We love how it opens up the whole area and will give us so many more options  to use this space now. Either for art…



These wooden artsy people represent our family. We had them screwed to the wall in our previous homes but later the artist Ingrid Wild came up with the idea of those metal feet. Now they really are 3D art and can be moved around easily. One night I came home from the movies with this little red card saying ” Love your movie theatre”. Changing only the letter “O” to an “D” was changing the meaning to “child”. Love your child! Made a lot more sense to my son  – he had to correct it immediately. We then attached it with kitchen string to our wooden family. Voilà!

The other option we are contemplating would be to create a banquette seating or add a sofa as part of our overall concept for this area. We call it the “communication area” it would involve more than the seating.


The green settee is from Horchow. And then add some other seating options plus side tables like these from Westelm. Better even, have some custom built banquette seating with very cool fabric.


What would you do with this area? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section!