textured walls

Texture in interiors makes me happy. The more different textures the better – no big news.

Currently I dream of texturizing a whole wall in the Texan house. The wall behind the open kitchen that faces the living room.


During our travels I always inhale the interior of restaurants, hotels, even airports into my inspiration memory.

These feathered walls were on display in a Hotel in China, Commune by the Great Wall.


These fantastic wall of sliced stones I found in Ningbo, China. I love the matte grey tones in combination with the warm wicker sofa and the beige cushions.


And finally my friend Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo send me these pictures of a hotel lobby in Thailand, Khao Yai. Lucky her she got to spend the night at this fabulous house.


The tiles and the purple impact are my favorite.

What do you think about texturizing walls? Have you ever done it? Would you go for it? Please tell me.


7 thoughts on “textured walls

  1. I once textured a single wall with beautiful natural bamboo wallpaper on a wall behind a bed. It was lovely with hard wood floors. You already have two focal points in your family room, the fireplace and the pool view. If you add a textured wall on that side, you will be adding a third focal point which might be overwhelming in that room. Maybe you could incorporate your stone idea around the fireplace?

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