the thing with decor trends

The decor trends. Well, we all know what they are. It is just amazing to observe the trend setting industry – it is so transparent. A trend is born, we see some eager early adapters and then we see the crowds follow and the early adapters withdraw and make snarky comments.

Beautiful styles become trendy, then get overused, then get dissed. What a shame!

Come on! Who are you to judge other peoples homes? It is way more brave to live in an individual and creative home than to rush from trend to trend and then finally burn out, design -wise I mean.

Take cowhides for example. They were considered redneck until they appeared all over the blogosphere and then later on pinterest of course. Stained, zebra-striped, gold-speckeld. Now it seems it is a staple in every home, even Ikea carries them. Overused by the million. So should I get rid of mine? Just because I am not special and unique anymore?

I say: no way! We bought ours in Argentina and we hunted thru so many stores there for the right color, then schlepped them back in our suitcases. A friend lived in South Africa and brought hers back with the move. So of course, they are staying – emotionally valuable.

So if you stil like the overused Morrocan wedding blankets,


the Benni Ouran rugs,


the chevron pattern,


the  all-over-the-place Serge Mouille lamps,


the endless beach scene prints,


even the inflationary flea market oil portraits.


go for it if you feel like it and keep it – guilt free. Because you like it – not because it is a trend! It is your house after all.

Stay true to your style and likes and dislikes and don’t let anyone judge your decor choices. Do you decorate your home for others? Do you buy a rug to impress? Do you pick art based on others opinions? Or do you even pick your friends based on their interior styles?

I really hope not.

So decor trends coming or going – be yourself and do what you want in your home. Be brave and be individual! This will make you happy.

I hope the future will bring more and more unique homes – away from the perfect. Try to add more personal touches, having some funky things sitting around your house. Things that make you laugh when you pass them on a daily basis.

If everyone followed their heart, trends would not have a chance. Forget about  “tastemakers” and get to the bottom of your own taste.

How do you fell about trends? How do you handle the overexposure? How do you stay individual?


2 thoughts on “the thing with decor trends

  1. I think it’s interesting that in each of your photos, the ascribed item is contextually appropriate (if not absolutely perfect in its setting). When people jump on a trend just because everyone else is doing it and not because its the right solution to a problem, I take issue.

    A Beni in a nursery where frequent spit ups will happen? Chevron in a spot where such a bold graphic makes no sense? Doing up a 1950s ranchburger in shabby chic French country? I’m not going to stop someone from doing any of those, but I will certainly call it out as wrong.

    Because for someone who spent tens of thousands of dollars educating and training herself and nearly twenty years practicing the profession of interior design, it’s painful to have someone say “Do whatever the hell you want!”. I suppose you could decide not to brush and floss because it takes away precious time in your day. But when you’re left with a mouthful of gray choppers, I’m not going to applaud your bold stab at individuality. I’m going to hand you a breath mint.

    • Dear Raina,
      thanks for your comment. I totally agree – blindly following any trend just for the sake of trend following is sad and not really creative. What I would wish for people to do is to be true to themselves and to embrace their choices. That does not mean cardboard boxes as floors are bold and cool.

      “Do whatever the hell you want”? Well, that is not what I was saying in my post. The message was that if you like something that became a trend and is now overused in today’s media – do not get rid of it, just because it might be loosing it’s appeal of being innovative and unique. Stick to your choices if you really like them. I tried to explain that in my example with the cowhides.

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