lemon dreams coming true

For almost 20 years now I promised myself to one day have a lemon tree in my yard. But the climate was never right for citrus plants. So in Texas, my dreams are about to come true.


Lemon dreams.

Many, many years ago I took a vacation to the Greek island of Corfu. Our guide book was recommending a quaint little seaside restaurant known for its tasteful preparations of the daily catch from the sea. But what inpired me the most was the one little extra sentence where it said: Sometimes the owner lets pick his guest lemons from his yard….

We had a great day trip, a wonderful lunch and indeed we got to pick lemons. That made me so happy! I had never picked lemons from a tree before in my life – I was in heaven. It just felt so different than picking apples, cherries, berries. Picking lemons felt like paradise to me.

Whenever we travel to the US now I make sure I buy meyer lemons or key limes to take home with me in my suitcase. I told you, I am known for schlepping things back from my trips! At home I bake yummie treats immediately or I just squeeze them and then freeze the juice.


So lemon tree shopping feels better than shoe shopping to me. Can you believe that?


What makes the whole mission now even more complicated is that we also found out that we could grow peaches in Texas. And pomegranates. And all sorts of citrus – from pomelos to kumquats to grapefruits.


I am in citrus heaven! Walking down the blooming citrus aisles…inhaling the scent…can’t get any better for a citrus lover.

My bounty from my latest trip. Key limes and Meyer lemons.


Do you have experience with growing citrus?


2 thoughts on “lemon dreams coming true

  1. Yes! I have experience with a lemon tree in my garden in Italy!
    But unfortunately not so good ones 😦 Apparently our lemon tree wants more sunshine. Since we planted it 2 years ago, no fruits, and now it lost all the leaves. We will try to replant it in a more sunny corner of the little garden (but the soil there is not so deep, as it is on a rock). However, the olive tree that we planted almost at the same time next to the lemon tree, is much stronger.
    You are right about the big fat lemons. They look like sunshine and smell so fruity. Where they grow is paradise!

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