Graffiti in your home

What do you think about graffiti? Around the city, everywhere?

Well, I usually feel very sorry for old fancy houses that got ugly-fied over night with just random stupid scribblings. Some of the original sandstone or other material is so hard to clean and the graffiti never will come off. What a shame!


This one is kind of cute, especially all the natural colors surrounding it – but it is illegal and did destroy the original wall.


But I do like these. I found them on walls and doors in China and Argentina.



IMG_9551 IMG_9568

Having an artist spray a work of art directly onto your living room walls – would you do that?

The more I think about it – the more I like the idea!

Does anyone know a good graffiti artist in the Houston area?


3 thoughts on “Graffiti in your home

  1. I really love grafitti that’s artistic. It’s definately an art form. I have an article in an Australian magazine with a house that had a graffitti wall that spanned across their interior wall and went out into the garden wall. It was fantastic. I can send over the article if you’re interested. xD

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