we finally do have floors

It all started in a very innocent way. We bought the house, we decided to renew the old hardwood floors and went ahead picking a color. Well, not so easy in reality! Living in Europe we were surrounded by all these gray tones over the past decade and wanted exactly these grayish-brown planks in our house with white walls. Not so easy to find in Texas since we had to keep our budget in mind and wanted to go with engineered hardwood to have the least hassle with install.

We finally, finally found a color we liked. All seemed fine. Lots of delays in delivery, but we felt good about it.

Until install day! After the first planks were glued down it was very obvious that something was wrong. The quality of the wood did not match our order and the price we paid! But the install continued since we were told that it was supposed to look like that. Really???

floors01 floors02 floors03

Awful! You can tell. To make the long story short: we got tricked into seconds with very poor quality and with our persistence and long discussions it all ended in ripping out the floors again! New order, but same crap arrived. Travelling all the way over from Germany for a new disaster 2.0. We lost total trust into the manufacturer, seller and installer. Lots of lying, lots of trying – very, very bad experience!

So we let go and found a great new floor store and installer and started looking into other options. Along the way we totally changed our mind on the gray and went with really light wood. Even more difficult to find our vision in Texas. But our salesperson was very, very helpful, emailing us pictures of samples, looking into new sources. Staying within our budget.  Because – keep in mind – we do live in Germany and the house is in Texas!

We compared dark and light. We had samples too green, too yellow, too pink, too rustic, some with too many mineral streaks, some with too wide of a color variation.

floors04 floors06 floors07 floors08

In the end we ordered a custom color. All went very smoothly. The install was a piece of cake.


floors11 floors12


2 thoughts on “we finally do have floors

  1. Dear Suzie, yes, we are so glad it turned out so bright and fresh! The gray would have been nice in a good quality, but the manufacturer just had so many issues with that.
    Everything happens for a reason!

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