quest for lamps

Lamps are sooooo difficult to buy. The standard lamps are everywhere, but we want the lamps to make a statement. I usually live without the right lamp for a while and wait for the lamp to happen – somehow down the road.

What we don’t want is this:


or this:


Lighting needs to be functional in a way, of course. But sometimes the function is not given, but the decor effect is great! Do you know this dilemma?

I fell in love with this textured lamp a few years ago. All male contractors made fun of it, but the female visitors got the idea….


The Texan house needs all new light fixtures. Some will be very pratical, like closets or under cabinet lights in the kitchen. But I am sure some will be just decorative and add a cozy warmth to the room.

Like this:


These I found in a hotel in China. I like the display in a group a lot.




2 thoughts on “quest for lamps

  1. Hey, you are moving with your special lamps, don’t you?! And let your sons do a pottery workshop during holidays with the task of designing all kind of lamp shades… Seriously 🙂 I like those too!

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