entertaining table

I love to entertain and to host big cooking events at my home. My current kitchen accommodates around 15 cooks with lots of action going on between prepping, cutting, chatting and actually cooking. Occasional glass of bubbly…

But after the work is done – we like to enjoy our food together sitting at one big table. My regular table seats only 10. So for some occasions I bought this antique French pull out table. Amazing technique from 1880!! It seats 15 food lovers.





It holds our bounty better than our regular table – here overloaded after an Asian cooking event.



Collecting chairs is not too bad, right? See my post here.

But for the Texas house I would like a new big table. As big as possible for the space. My major concern here is the weird layout of windows and doors in the dining room. Nothing really aligns the way I wish it would. I will take some pics next time I will be around!


One thought on “entertaining table

  1. Wow that table setting looks amazing! I love having people over for dinner also but unfortunately we can’t quite fit so many in our little London home. Lovely post. xD

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