Our stuff finally arrived!

So now we are in Texas!

After camping in our empty house for several weeks, we finally got to be united with our furniture again!

Two containers and two days of unloading. That does not mean everything is alreday neat and cozy inside of course. But everything is inside the house!

This is the red carpet treatment to welcome our stuff:



We were so proud of ourselves (and so sore over the course of the next days…)

How do those dishes all fit into the kitchen cabinets you wonder? Rearranging, rearranging and rearranging … and dreaming about rearranging at night!


Our only 6 cups of Meissen porcelain got an extra treatment!


We made sure everything is on the right floor and in the right room. Except the art – that is all still on one pile of chaos.

Funny enough the kids are so keen on picking the art for their room. They already started putting them on “option pending” or more actively dragging the pieces to their rooms!



2 thoughts on “Our stuff finally arrived!

  1. Viel Erfolg beim Auspacken und Einsortieren! Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich, wie dann doch irgendwann wieder alles seinen Platz findet. Liebe Grüsse, Marika

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