powder bath – creative block

This little powder room or guest bath room used to be all pinkish and those cabinets made this already tiny room feel even smaller.


So as I was writing before, we were taken over by the domino effect big time here: we took out everything!

We had new sleek cabinets made, we installed the new toilet and bought a vessel sink and faucet.

But now what???? I am suffering from creative block.


You can see the dark paint swatches on the wall. I went through the black phase, the eggplant phase. Now – I am not sure at all.


The wall opposite the door needs some art, some texture, just something – I had so many ideas but none of them felt really right. I am preoccupied with unpacking and re-arranging our other stuff and this little room had to wait.


So our guests will still have to go in there and use the sink in the kitchen to wash their hands until we decide upon paint, art, mirror, counter top and light fixtures.

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “powder bath – creative block

  1. Hi Nicola, I see you have now moved! Congratulations on the big relocation :). I totally understand where you are coming from in terms of powder block. I find that actually leaving it for a while and not thinking about it will help a bit. You will find that one day something will inspire you and then all the idea’s will flood in. Take it easy, I hope you manage to unpack those boxes as quickly as possible. xD

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