Hi, I am Nicola and I am journaling our remote remodeling to better understand the scope and challenges ourselves. Sometimes we are wondering how we got ourselves into that big  adventure – not smooth at all. Wouldn’t life be boring without the little struggles along the way?

Remodeling a house is a tricky process. But remodeling a house in Texas and living in Germany is very tricky! Numerous trips back and forth are not only very, very exhausting but also very, very expensive. So our stays in Texas are usually full of hard work, lots of decisions and even more running around. Well, of course there is the yummie food and the great shopping, too – if time allows. And the occasional cowboy boots for sure! May be I had a former life as a cowgirl??

My motto: Don’t go with the flow! Trust your gut and be happy with it!

Today in the world of pinterest and with the blogs it is easy to loose track what you really want from deep inside. It is tempting to just go with the flow, since you are exposed to the mass of pictures all around you. But I like to do what our family feels most comfortable with. And of course sometimes it is hard to tell whether you like some style because you have seen it so many times that you finally feel comfortable with it or because you really loved it from the beginning.

Everyone is collecting inspiration everywhere. Everything is inspired by something. No one is really “inventing” interior design in my eyes. It is the ability to sort your inspirations and transfer them into your own style or your clients style.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi There, thank you for visiting my blog. What a wonderful idea your blog has. I can imagine it would be so difficult remodelling from such a distance but exciting because both countries are so different in their aesthetic right? I look forward to seeing the progression of your home and inspiration. Hope you enjoy Blog Boss. xD

  2. Dear Nicola,
    I totally agree and feel with you. We live in Asia and did our Italian renovation out of China. Via email, skype and blog. Other bloggers, especially the professional interior designers, were really helpful with some of their recommendations. Blogging is the best way of sharing unusual projects since you find the mind-likes here in blog land and not nesessarily in the neighbourhood at home.
    Looking forward to see the progress!
    Good luck, cowgirl 😉

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