My Mini Chandelier

Before our big move I got the chance to spend some marvelous days in Amsterdam with my favorite girls travel group.

We always try to do some sight seeing, but at the end of the day what we always get accomplished is – shopping!

So while my dear friends tried on silly shoes


…I had decor in mind and spotted a small deco chandelier on the wall.


It was mine for Euro 5!

Now in Texas we started to hang art.


And the Mini Chandelier found a new home. I think it goes well with the other piece of art by Ingrid Wild in my kitchen and just gives it a spin to the not so serious style in our home.

Someone once asked me why we painted the house white, just such a boring and bland color. Well, you know we are not boring and our art is not boring. We think that is enough color in our house!



And on a totally different note: this was street art in Amsterdam. Fake poo and pee!



moving day

Finally moving day! And our artwork is receiving the white glove service!


The fragile pieces got custom crates so that they will survive the long and hard journey on the ship.


These crates might be used as outdoor benches, very sturdy and German craftsmanship, ha, ha.

The first load of boxes is ready to be shuttled off to the container.


Graffiti in your home

What do you think about graffiti? Around the city, everywhere?

Well, I usually feel very sorry for old fancy houses that got ugly-fied over night with just random stupid scribblings. Some of the original sandstone or other material is so hard to clean and the graffiti never will come off. What a shame!


This one is kind of cute, especially all the natural colors surrounding it – but it is illegal and did destroy the original wall.


But I do like these. I found them on walls and doors in China and Argentina.



IMG_9551 IMG_9568

Having an artist spray a work of art directly onto your living room walls – would you do that?

The more I think about it – the more I like the idea!

Does anyone know a good graffiti artist in the Houston area?

breakfast nook

A lot of houses we have seen come with the so called recipe desks in the kitchen area. I feel women being under appreciated of doing their paperwork close to the kitchen while the men can enjoy their full own room with closed doors. But that is me – please do not feel offended…

In our house this desk is once more a built in among the others that would rather take away flexibility than being helpful – for our lifestyle that is.


The first agreement I made with my husband on closing day was: this one had to go!


We love how it opens up the whole area and will give us so many more options  to use this space now. Either for art…



These wooden artsy people represent our family. We had them screwed to the wall in our previous homes but later the artist Ingrid Wild came up with the idea of those metal feet. Now they really are 3D art and can be moved around easily. One night I came home from the movies with this little red card saying ” Love your movie theatre”. Changing only the letter “O” to an “D” was changing the meaning to “child”. Love your child! Made a lot more sense to my son  – he had to correct it immediately. We then attached it with kitchen string to our wooden family. Voilà!

The other option we are contemplating would be to create a banquette seating or add a sofa as part of our overall concept for this area. We call it the “communication area” it would involve more than the seating.


The green settee is from Horchow. And then add some other seating options plus side tables like these from Westelm. Better even, have some custom built banquette seating with very cool fabric.


What would you do with this area? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section! 

white walls for art

We love to live with art and the best canvas for art display in my eyes are white walls.


Sure, I have been down the accent wall road and we do have some accent walls in our home right now. But I am willing to give them up, we will see. I am not a fan of trends, so I do not care if they are “in” or “out”. It is our home, we can do whatever we like!

If we feel like another accent wall, we will go for it.

If we do not feel like one, we will pass. That easy. Why would you care what others say about your home? Those wanna-be designers who want to dictate the rules in your house? Really?

But for this project we choose all white. We grew up with white walls and feel most at home with them.


Today in the world of pinterest and with the blogs it is easy to loose track what you really want from deep inside. It is tempting to just go with the flow, since you are exposed to the mass of pictures all around you. But I like to do what our family feels most comfortable with. And of course sometimes it is hard to tell whether you like some style because you have seen it so many times that you finally feel comfortable with it or because you really loved it from the beginning.

Everyone is collecting inspiration everywhere. Everything is inspired by something. No one is really “inventing” interior design in my eyes. It is the ability to sort your inspirations and transfer them into your own style or your clients style.

That said, I might have another accent wall in the future…

And, I will always love buddhas. Not because they are trendy, but because our collection reminds us of our travels and how we transported them back. As I mentioned before, every piece of art in our home has a very unique story to tell. And sometimes it is a story about the struggles with carry-on restrictions on the plane.


The painting is by Vladimir Prodanovich. We happened to find him on a trip to California several years ago when he used to have a studio in Laguna Beach. He now works out of Florida.

antique fair success

Strolling through the booths at the Antique fair Urban Market in the pouring rain was not really an easy task with two jet lagged kids. But of course the mood lightened as soon as our son spotted this old worn metal sign – art for the bedroom, the gym room, the dining area?

Time will tell.


Schlepping it back to the car it shielded us from the rain – always seeing the bright side of life, right?

Also our son wanted this jar for decorating pencils.


talking about art


talking about art

People who know me also know that I am drawn to a special kind of art. Not a certain style, not a certain artist, not for investment purposes.
The art has to talk to me and eventually has to live with me. Or I have to live with the art ;-).
Sometimes guests wonder what the …. were they thinking? There is always a story behind every piece of art that is allowed to live with us. Always a story that sometimes just our family knows about.

This neon sign is from a restaurant during a vacation and I have to admit, I do not remember where it was.

I would so hang this into the new kitchen..