Glass tiles are up

The backsplash consisting of small glass tiles is up and I took several pics that day. It looks so fresh and clean!


Looking closer you can see two different color tones – light shining through the outer tiles and making them look so much brighter.


To confirm our suspicion our fantastic Angel took her magic key chain (“Hero of the Day”)…


… and did some testing, blocking the light with her hands.


So now we are debating how to paint these tiles on their outer areas to stop the light from shining all the way through the tiles. Do you have any thoughts on this? Any experience?


simplifying the counters


The kitchen is fine, there is nothing wrong with it.

Just, we wanted to spice it up a little. When we started we did not really know what we wanted in detail.

We thought we needed paint, we needed to upgrade the appliances, the countertops had seen better days. Of course this leads to the backsplash, the sink, the faucet.

Starting to discuss the new overhang at the bar area we were questioning it altogether. The domino effect had us again!

So, no overhang.

Then why would we need the two tier counters?

Ok, let us remove that.

How easy is that and what would it cost?

This is what our commications was all day long. Decision making is so exhausting. But my husband keeps telling me that it also burns calories…

The work began.






The walkway between kitchen and wall gained so much space! And the kitchen does look less like a kitchen now – at least if you are looking from the living room. The white walls and the white outer cabinets blend in more.

Easier on the eyes – at least on mine!

Now the next steps are the new counters.

Also, in this picture a little sneak peak into the wood flooring….