powder bath – creative block

This little powder room or guest bath room used to be all pinkish and those cabinets made this already tiny room feel even smaller.


So as I was writing before, we were taken over by the domino effect big time here: we took out everything!

We had new sleek cabinets made, we installed the new toilet and bought a vessel sink and faucet.

But now what???? I am suffering from creative block.


You can see the dark paint swatches on the wall. I went through the black phase, the eggplant phase. Now – I am not sure at all.


The wall opposite the door needs some art, some texture, just something – I had so many ideas but none of them felt really right. I am preoccupied with unpacking and re-arranging our other stuff and this little room had to wait.


So our guests will still have to go in there and use the sink in the kitchen to wash their hands until we decide upon paint, art, mirror, counter top and light fixtures.

Any ideas?


more things ticked off the list

We are making progress in the powder bath!

After going back and forth with thickness, height, sprout curve and more we finally settled on this faucet from Hansgrohe. Thanks for your patience with us, Carrie!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.37.51 PM

Also 3 dark wall color options were painted for display. We will most likely go for the left dark eggplant tone. The middle dark velvety grey is too dark and the right lighter purple just plain boring in our eyes. It always helps to spend $10 on sample pots of paints during the process! Our garage shelf is full of them buy now.

Sorry for this awful picture quality, but the room is so tricky and does not like it’s pictures taken…


The ceiling will be the same dark color – in may be, may be a high gloss finish? I am more and more convinced to use this space as a small trial and error area after all.
The baseboards will stay white to mirror the sink and toilet and the floors will be the new warm greyish-brown planks.

The powder bath

The powder bath next to the kitchen  – no doubt – was in need of some new paint.


But also this hanging cabinet above the toilet looked quite threatening to me. It made this tiny space look so crowded. And who would need to store 1001 toilet paper rolls in there anyway?

The next hallway closet is just oustide this door. So bye, bye cabinet and also bye bye vanity.


You know what? In the end we took out the toilet, too. So we need to start from scratch in this little space.

Including new towel racks, TP holder and lights! Classic domino effect!



With no particular plan in mind we happend to find our favorite sink, a vessel sink. It was a floormodel and it was on sale! Since progress makes us feel good we took it right with us and drove it around in the trunk of the car, all day long!