kitchen is next in line


The kitchen cabinets have a new coat of paint, the naked island is still naked and the appliances are ordered.

Now we can go ahead and have the countertops and backsplash installed. “We” means our Angel on site will oversee the install since we are so far away.

This is our new faucet. By Hansgrohe.


Out of all the faucets on display we both went straight to this one and loved it. Easy choice – coincidently we picked the German brand out of all the others. It must have looked familiar somehow. So renovating Euro Style is possible in Texas!

And of course we were only running around headless during our last trip and forgot to pick it up for the countertop install. So here comes our Angel again. She is wonderful. Otherwise a little mishap like this would turn into a much bigger issue when remote remodeling.

This undermount sink will come to us in white! It has already been delivered to the tileshop for fabrication of the countertops.

update: the sink had a crack. We had to re-order, re-schedule, more delays. The real facts behind remodeling. Those that you do not see in the before-after pictures.


The placement of the faucet! What a discussion. In the middle of the divider or the middle of the whole sink? Finally we settled on the version with the most alignment, ha, ha. Aligned with the cabinet doors beneath and not aligned with the sink divider. The second version would have meant that you would have had to move the faucet every time you wanted to get the water running without it hitting the divider. And that does not look aligned!

The backsplash, glass tiles. We will use white grout.


I have to admit, I do not like granite. I know, I know – everyone loves it, the more pattern and streaks the better. I am the opposite, the more busy the counters the less relaxed I will be working in the kitchen. And trust me, I spend hours and hours and more hours in there…

So – the counters have to be simple. We agreed upon Silestone in an off white color with a touch of grey. Excuse the bad quality of this pic with my phone.


Also, the counters will be thicker than average and no round corners for me. Just slightly eased, almost a 90 degree angle. Like in his picture.




Have you remodeled a kitchen recently? Did you have unexpected issues to deal with?


more things ticked off the list

We are making progress in the powder bath!

After going back and forth with thickness, height, sprout curve and more we finally settled on this faucet from Hansgrohe. Thanks for your patience with us, Carrie!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.37.51 PM

Also 3 dark wall color options were painted for display. We will most likely go for the left dark eggplant tone. The middle dark velvety grey is too dark and the right lighter purple just plain boring in our eyes. It always helps to spend $10 on sample pots of paints during the process! Our garage shelf is full of them buy now.

Sorry for this awful picture quality, but the room is so tricky and does not like it’s pictures taken…


The ceiling will be the same dark color – in may be, may be a high gloss finish? I am more and more convinced to use this space as a small trial and error area after all.
The baseboards will stay white to mirror the sink and toilet and the floors will be the new warm greyish-brown planks.