breakfast nook needs TLC

We started with this: the first built in we took out.



We tried several options of art and finally settled on this piece. It was a wedding gift from a very creative friend so many years ago.

And yes, it is not centered in height – on purpose! And yes, it hangs really low – on purpose!


So here we go in dire need of a light fixture before we get used to the bulb. Because I know that can happen. We “forgot” we had only a bulb in our last house in the living room for almost a year! Yes, really, after a while we just seem to not realize it anymore.

The light fixture in the nook has to be airy to not obstruct the view to the backyard.

Also this table is our patio table. Thanks to the Texan heat we can not use it outside at the moment anyhow. The chairs are all antique from Germany and might or might not stay in the room. It all depends on the future table. Either modern table and those old chairs or rustic table and then some new funky modern chairs.

I was into concrete for a while but am afraid of getting tired of it. Although I really, really love how versatile it would be and how elegant all my white dishes would look with a concrete table top.

My lovely friend had the most beautiful concrete table in Beijing.


We might consider that kind of table for our dining area later. But for the nook, there is something else on my mind. Think: turquoise!


breakfast nook

A lot of houses we have seen come with the so called recipe desks in the kitchen area. I feel women being under appreciated of doing their paperwork close to the kitchen while the men can enjoy their full own room with closed doors. But that is me – please do not feel offended…

In our house this desk is once more a built in among the others that would rather take away flexibility than being helpful – for our lifestyle that is.


The first agreement I made with my husband on closing day was: this one had to go!


We love how it opens up the whole area and will give us so many more options  to use this space now. Either for art…



These wooden artsy people represent our family. We had them screwed to the wall in our previous homes but later the artist Ingrid Wild came up with the idea of those metal feet. Now they really are 3D art and can be moved around easily. One night I came home from the movies with this little red card saying ” Love your movie theatre”. Changing only the letter “O” to an “D” was changing the meaning to “child”. Love your child! Made a lot more sense to my son  – he had to correct it immediately. We then attached it with kitchen string to our wooden family. Voilà!

The other option we are contemplating would be to create a banquette seating or add a sofa as part of our overall concept for this area. We call it the “communication area” it would involve more than the seating.


The green settee is from Horchow. And then add some other seating options plus side tables like these from Westelm. Better even, have some custom built banquette seating with very cool fabric.


What would you do with this area? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section!