My Mini Chandelier

Before our big move I got the chance to spend some marvelous days in Amsterdam with my favorite girls travel group.

We always try to do some sight seeing, but at the end of the day what we always get accomplished is – shopping!

So while my dear friends tried on silly shoes


…I had decor in mind and spotted a small deco chandelier on the wall.


It was mine for Euro 5!

Now in Texas we started to hang art.


And the Mini Chandelier found a new home. I think it goes well with the other piece of art by Ingrid Wild in my kitchen and just gives it a spin to the not so serious style in our home.

Someone once asked me why we painted the house white, just such a boring and bland color. Well, you know we are not boring and our art is not boring. We think that is enough color in our house!



And on a totally different note: this was street art in Amsterdam. Fake poo and pee!



before and after with paint changes

I will show you some more examples of why I am a fan of soothing paint colors. Soothing everything in fact. My eyes need to be able to relax before my body can.


The living room before:


and living room after:


The office before with dark built ins:


and after, much brighter and lighter:


This was our old house just a few weeks after moving in a few years ago. It had been altered here and there and of course been lived in. Now all is gone, all is empty. Everything is packed up and will wait to be put together again in a whole new setting.

But currently I feel like less, less decor, less colors. I am so excited to live in an empty house for a while and to just add a little stuff step by step. I will try to keep it very minimal this time and I see a moving-in garage sale coming up…..

paint: before and after

Our current house in Germany was in a sad and dark place when we happened to find it a few years ago. Changing out the furniture is a sure bet to major transformation but paint really did bring the wow-effect in this case. The woodwork used to be all painted over with a dark stain and we opted for whites with warm grey tones.Image

Entry hall before:


and entryhall after:


another hallway before:


and after:


white walls for art

We love to live with art and the best canvas for art display in my eyes are white walls.


Sure, I have been down the accent wall road and we do have some accent walls in our home right now. But I am willing to give them up, we will see. I am not a fan of trends, so I do not care if they are “in” or “out”. It is our home, we can do whatever we like!

If we feel like another accent wall, we will go for it.

If we do not feel like one, we will pass. That easy. Why would you care what others say about your home? Those wanna-be designers who want to dictate the rules in your house? Really?

But for this project we choose all white. We grew up with white walls and feel most at home with them.


Today in the world of pinterest and with the blogs it is easy to loose track what you really want from deep inside. It is tempting to just go with the flow, since you are exposed to the mass of pictures all around you. But I like to do what our family feels most comfortable with. And of course sometimes it is hard to tell whether you like some style because you have seen it so many times that you finally feel comfortable with it or because you really loved it from the beginning.

Everyone is collecting inspiration everywhere. Everything is inspired by something. No one is really “inventing” interior design in my eyes. It is the ability to sort your inspirations and transfer them into your own style or your clients style.

That said, I might have another accent wall in the future…

And, I will always love buddhas. Not because they are trendy, but because our collection reminds us of our travels and how we transported them back. As I mentioned before, every piece of art in our home has a very unique story to tell. And sometimes it is a story about the struggles with carry-on restrictions on the plane.


The painting is by Vladimir Prodanovich. We happened to find him on a trip to California several years ago when he used to have a studio in Laguna Beach. He now works out of Florida.

simplifying the counters


The kitchen is fine, there is nothing wrong with it.

Just, we wanted to spice it up a little. When we started we did not really know what we wanted in detail.

We thought we needed paint, we needed to upgrade the appliances, the countertops had seen better days. Of course this leads to the backsplash, the sink, the faucet.

Starting to discuss the new overhang at the bar area we were questioning it altogether. The domino effect had us again!

So, no overhang.

Then why would we need the two tier counters?

Ok, let us remove that.

How easy is that and what would it cost?

This is what our commications was all day long. Decision making is so exhausting. But my husband keeps telling me that it also burns calories…

The work began.






The walkway between kitchen and wall gained so much space! And the kitchen does look less like a kitchen now – at least if you are looking from the living room. The white walls and the white outer cabinets blend in more.

Easier on the eyes – at least on mine!

Now the next steps are the new counters.

Also, in this picture a little sneak peak into the wood flooring….


finding a home for cook books

This is how I store my cook books






So for the kitchen renovation a proper space for them was always on my agenda.

Above the fridge there were these doors…


Just so simple – we took them out.


And here with the new paint.  You might need a stool to reach them once the fridge will be in. Or use the space for some other decor.

But anyway – the kitchen looks more interesting and lighter now.


more things ticked off the list

We are making progress in the powder bath!

After going back and forth with thickness, height, sprout curve and more we finally settled on this faucet from Hansgrohe. Thanks for your patience with us, Carrie!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.37.51 PM

Also 3 dark wall color options were painted for display. We will most likely go for the left dark eggplant tone. The middle dark velvety grey is too dark and the right lighter purple just plain boring in our eyes. It always helps to spend $10 on sample pots of paints during the process! Our garage shelf is full of them buy now.

Sorry for this awful picture quality, but the room is so tricky and does not like it’s pictures taken…


The ceiling will be the same dark color – in may be, may be a high gloss finish? I am more and more convinced to use this space as a small trial and error area after all.
The baseboards will stay white to mirror the sink and toilet and the floors will be the new warm greyish-brown planks.

The window frames

The window frames had this very ornate frames. The subdivision is famous for the houses with all these custom additions.

Those frames bothered me already when I saw them for the first time on the real estate listing. Since I have not seen them in person yet (my husband checked out the house and I agreed via Skype) I was not sure how easy (as in cheap) it would be to change them. I was afraid of the domino effect during the renovation process. One thing leads to the other and the next and the next and then even more…- all cost related, of course!


We opted to tweak the windows a little to make them more sleek, more clean lined. And of course changed the color. In this picture there is still a little something missing in the middle part, but you get the idea…