My Mini Chandelier

Before our big move I got the chance to spend some marvelous days in Amsterdam with my favorite girls travel group.

We always try to do some sight seeing, but at the end of the day what we always get accomplished is – shopping!

So while my dear friends tried on silly shoes


…I had decor in mind and spotted a small deco chandelier on the wall.


It was mine for Euro 5!

Now in Texas we started to hang art.


And the Mini Chandelier found a new home. I think it goes well with the other piece of art by Ingrid Wild in my kitchen and just gives it a spin to the not so serious style in our home.

Someone once asked me why we painted the house white, just such a boring and bland color. Well, you know we are not boring and our art is not boring. We think that is enough color in our house!



And on a totally different note: this was street art in Amsterdam. Fake poo and pee!


textured walls

Texture in interiors makes me happy. The more different textures the better – no big news.

Currently I dream of texturizing a whole wall in the Texan house. The wall behind the open kitchen that faces the living room.


During our travels I always inhale the interior of restaurants, hotels, even airports into my inspiration memory.

These feathered walls were on display in a Hotel in China, Commune by the Great Wall.


These fantastic wall of sliced stones I found in Ningbo, China. I love the matte grey tones in combination with the warm wicker sofa and the beige cushions.


And finally my friend Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo send me these pictures of a hotel lobby in Thailand, Khao Yai. Lucky her she got to spend the night at this fabulous house.


The tiles and the purple impact are my favorite.

What do you think about texturizing walls? Have you ever done it? Would you go for it? Please tell me.